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 Lupabusz - Direct tansfer to Lupa Beach from the Budapest city center !


It has been launched!

Come with us to the beach of Budapest by LupaBusz!

You can reach the Lupa for reduced rates by our direct paches with several bus stops from the city center.


Imagine that you are sitting in the office, however it is air conditioned but you’re hot and browned off.

During all the boring meetings you are incapable of  following things , or focusing on work.

You are eager to end the day. Eventually you walk out of the office and then you feel the heat.


You are waiting for the bus, the subway or you are wondering where you left your car. Eventually you find it , you are about to go home, and as usual there is terrible traffic. You don’t want to stuck in traffic. You’d rather be at the beach with your  friends. You feel like you need a delicious meal with a glass of beer.


Are you dreaming?

Then wake up!

It can be real!


Forget about the routine! Be cool and  try out something new. Take the LupaBusz.

Check out the  itinerary, get on the bus at the closest stop and let everything go.

While you’re on your way to the Lupa you can buy your entry ticket and avoid the queue.

At the end of the day you don’t have to worry about transport, we’ll bring you back just as we took you there.

You only have one thing to worry about: If you have your bathing-suit on you.


Time schedule:

The quoted departure times are from the terminal point.

If you would like to use our service, please arrive a few minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive.

The right to changes in the schedule is reserved!

In case of bad weather the beach is closed just as our service is out of operation. You can check it on our home page or on the site of the Lupa-tó!

Our Time Schedule is here.



Our prices are in HUF with taxes:

You can pay by bank card ( Mastercad, Visa) and cash.

If you pay by cash please try to prepare with the precise amount of money.

We can arrange VAT invoice for rides to Lupa after arrival, before arriving against the receipt.

In case of the return trip, your VAT invoice needs to be indicated when getting on the bus and we will prepare it before departure.

Actual prices avaible here.


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